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Roger recognizes that true magic is not just tricks or illusions but is created in moments of shared connection, laughter, and unforgettable memories. With his skilled artistry and infectious energy, Roger will add a wow factor to your wedding day and leave your guests spellbound and delighted.

Roger will help make your wedding day even more memorable and magical with close-up magic for your guests at a time of your choice. This could be while wedding party photos are being taken, during cocktail hour, or table magic to break the ice with seat mates during dinner. Magic is a great ice-breaker for families and friends meeting for the first time, providing laughter and wonder

 On this important day, you can count on Roger's professionalism and more than 30 years of experience to ensure the performance is tailored to your unique needs. 

Close up Magic

Roger's close-up magic is an ideal choice for virtually any mature audience. Close-up magic is interactive and personal - performed within arm's reach of your guests, usually while standing in groups during cocktail hour or at a party, or individual performances right at their tables. Close-up magic is a mix of magic and comedy, designed to engage and amaze participants. At many weddings or events, people are strangers to each other. Roger can bring a group together, break the ice, have them laughing and gaping in wonder, and get them talking to each other after he moves on to the next group. 

Roger will mix and mingle with your guests, put them at ease, intrigue their minds, and stun their senses, right under their noses. Many years after your party or wedding, your guests may not remember what was served for dinner, but they will surely remember the magic that astounded and delighted them during that dinner.

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